Funding generously provided by the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance and the Columbia Basin Trust.

The Waggle Dance is the symbolic language honeybees use to communicate vital information. The bees use a dance to let other bees know the distance and direction of the food source from the hive. I have used the Waggle Dance as a metaphor, through encaustic paintings. To me these paintings represent how we maintain our sense of community through dialogue around topics such as the quality of water, wildlife sightings, local events etc... Creating conversation on vital issues connect us and ground us to a sense of place and community.

An integrated communication system, the Waggle Dance is deemed one of the seven wonders of the animal behaviour world. Consequently, the paintings I have created represent dialogue, the diptych - human connection and the honeycomb panel shows the Waggle Dance formation. Sharing this exchange, suggested through flow and preservation of the medium itself, is my attempt at the human version of the waggle dance.