BIOGRAPHY – Erica Konrad

Erica Konrad is a visual artist living, working and creating on the traditional unceded territory of the Ktunaxa, Sinixt (Lakes), and Sylix (Okanagan) Nations, in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.  Her background is a formal University education in environmental studies, which has laid the foundation for her intense inspiration from the natural world.

Konrad is mostly self taught, working in oil, acrylic but is most drawn to encaustic, having attended international workshops on the encaustic process. When not painting, she is teaching children earth art, teenagers painting and adults encaustic. Konrad also runs an Arts & Ecology retreat centre, focussing on artist residencies, workshops and gatherings to promote and encourage artistic innovation.

She is first and foremost a mother to a daughter and son who continually provide inspiration with their fresh ideas and imagination. She maintains an active studio practice creating artwork for public and private collections.


Connection:  In my work, I aim to build an experience that is deeply felt. Much of my inspiration comes from the natural world and centers around the general theme of finding balance within this realm. My work is a tension between the built environment, and nature.  In my work, I employ mark making, scratches, lines, while hiding and revealing layers to represent the traces humans leave behind. My hope is that the viewer gains a glimpse into my internal thoughts, which is simultaneously light hearted and harsh, and prompts them to find their own definition to the work, which may vary greatly from my own.

Surrender:  For me, making art is a letting go, a relinquishment of ideas and expectations. Working intuitively, with limited self censoring, is the first surrender, bringing deep humility and patience to the painting process.  I believe an important aspect of the creative process is the satisfying work of process itself. Whether using acrylic, or the traditional medium of encaustic, the diversity and capability of the medium, lends itself to innovation end experimentation in a contemporary form. The excitement from the unpredictability of mixed media and wax, whether it be through smooth, luminous paintings, manipulated wax sculpture or thick and textured mixed media pieces, the process itself of making art, regardless of the medium, draws me back into the studio each day.



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